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Seminários do Departamento de Raios Cósmicos e Cronología, "The strange physics of dark baryons", Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez (McGill University)
Quarta-feira, Outubro 05, 2022, 16:00
por Arlene Cristina Aguilar

Seminários do Departamento de Raios Cósmicos e Cronología
Palestrante: Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, (McGill University)

Título: The strange physics of dark baryons

The origin of dark matter and the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe may be explained by the existence of GeV-scale dark sector particles carrying baryon number. The interactions of such dark baryons with first-generation quarks are known to have implications for collider experiments, neutron stars, and the lifetime of the neutron. After reviewing these topics, I will focus on the phenomenology of dark baryon interactions with strange quarks. This includes their impact on the decay of exotic hadrons, core-collapse supernova explosions, and new physics searches at the LHC and flavour physics experiments.
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