The quantum behavior of electrons and light, as well as the interaction mechanism between them, are responsible for a wide variety of complex physical phenomena. The Department of Quantum Electronics of IFGW consists of nine research groups that investigate or use the quantum nature of light and matter from different perspectives, often complementary. Our research covers the foundations of quantum mechanics and its processes, enabling applications such as quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation and quantum computing. We also develop new types of lasers, using them for various applications in basic and applied physics. Studies are carried out on optical communications - fiber optics, optical devices and research on ultrafast phenomena (studying devices that work in the femtosecond timescale). Lasers are also used to manipulate small objects with so-called "optical tweezers" and perform microscopy in biophotonics. The quantum behavior of solids, with emphasis on new advanced materials is investigated both by optical spectroscopy and by photothermal and magnetic resonance techniques. Research on collisions between molecules and electrons or positrons is also performed.