Admission and RegistrationAdmissions and registration in Masters and PhD courses

Twice a year, the graduate program of IFGW holds selection processes for admissions in Masters and PhD courses. Accepted candidates may receive a CAPES or CNPq scholarship administered by the program. There is also the possibility of the student and possible advisor to apply for a FAPESP scholarship, which offers significant advantages. The application for FAPESP fellowship may be submitted even before acceptance in our program, since the proof of registration in the course is required only in a latter stage of the fellowship installation. The average durations of our courses are 24 months for Masters, 48 months for PhD, and 60 months for straight PhD (without Masters).

Admission process for the first semester of 2017


To apply to our graduate program, it is expected that the candidate has taken the Unified Exam in Physics (EUF) at least once in the last six editions (EUF 2017-1, EUF 2016-2, EUF 2016-1, EUF 2015-2, EUF 2015-1, ou EUF 2014-2). This exam may be applied in English or Portuguese, and the candidate may request it to be applied in his/her home institution. This request will be evaluated by the organizing committee of EUF. See the page of EUF for detailed instructions. We might also consider exceptional cases of candidates without having taken the EUF as long as a detailed justification is provided, which will be considered by an evaluation committee.

A copy the latest exam (2016-2) in English may be useful as a study guide. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

For start up in the first semester of 2017, the following calendar applies:

  • July 13 - August 10, 2016: Enrollment in the Unified Exam in Physics (EUF) - instructions and registration directly at the exam site.
  • October 4-5, 2016: EUF is taken.
  • November 18, 2016: Deadline for announcement of the EUF results.
  • October 1st to November 21, 2016: Period of applications to the graduate program of IFGW through the system "Siga" of DAC and for sending the required docummentation by e-mail (see below).
  • December 16, 2016: Deadline for announcement of the result of the selective process for admission in the Masters and PhD courses of IFGW, in this page. Official acceptance letters will be issued and sent by e-mail to the successful applicants.
  • February 13-15, 2017: Regular period of registration (in person).
  • March 2, 2016: Suplementary period of registration (if regular period is missed) and first day of classes.


Applications to our program must be submitted through the DAC "Siga" system. Besides conducting the entrance exam (EUF) and application in DAC system, scanned copies of the following documents must be submitted to the address ingressopos before the deadline for applications:

  • Personal motivation letter.
  • Academic file in the undergraduate and Masters course if applicable, issued by the relevant authority, with performance indicators and the grades of the courses taken, including failures and/or cancellations if applicable.
  • Statement signed by the candidate declaring that the attached academic file(s) is complete and shows occasional failed and/or cancelled courses.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of CPF, RG or RNE (if available), or relevant front pages of passport.
  • Diploma or certificate of completion of undergraduate course (may be replaced by a declaration of possible completion of the course, issued by the undergraduate school coordinator).
  • Recommendation letters (optional, maximum three). The letters must be sent directly from the institutional e-mail address of the recommending Professor to the address ingressopos , before the deadline for applications.
  • Results of GRE and other internationally recognized exams, if available (optional).


Please confirm that the Status of your registration in the system "Siga" of DAC is "Completa" by no latter than the deadline, otherwise it may not be considered. It is mandatory to upload a formal ID photograph, that will be used to produce your student ID in case of acceptance. Occasional difficulties in your application should be informed to the e-mail address:

ingressopos at

and corrected before the deadline.

Registration of accepted students

The registration of accepted students are carried out by DAC, through the Graduate School secretariat, according to the general calendar of the University.

Brazilian Students

Please go to the version in Portuguese of this page for detailed instructions.

International Students

Foreign students must deliver either authenticated photocopies of the following documments, or plain photocopies with the original at hands for verification:

  • Graduation diploma or proof of bachelor degree. In any case, the official diploma must be delivered by not latter than 9 months after the registration.
  • National registry of foreign person (RNE) or registry protocol;
  • Passport pages: front page with the ID, visa page, page with the entrance stamp, page with the registry stamp;
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate.

In case of documments issued by institutions outside Brazil, they must be validated by an official authentication procedure in a brazilian consulate located in the country where the documment was issued, and translated to Portuguese by a recognized sworn translator.

Some exceptions are observed:

  • consulate authentications: documments issued in France are exempt of authentication, due to an agreement between Brasil and this country. Documeents issued in Argentina may be authorized by its chancellery, also due to an agreement.;
  • translations: documments issued in France are exempt of translation, due to an agreement between Brasil and this country.

Registration renewals

After the initial registration, studens must renew their registration semestrally, according to the official calendar of the University.

Further informations

Further informations may be requested to the Graduate School secretariat, please contact us.