In the occasion of the centennial of the birth of Professor Gleb Wataghin, the
Department of Cosmic Rays and Chronology of the Gleb Wataghin Physics
Institute is proud to publish this book and this CD-ROM, where a major part of his
papers is collected, demonstrating his eclectic scientific interest and the
importance of his contributions in many fields of Physics. From the problem of the
electronic theory of metals to the mystery of the then newly discovered hard
component of cosmic radiation, nothing seemed to escape the unlimited curiosity
of Gleb Wataghin.
When he was still alive, his former Brazilian students gave his name to the
newly created Physics Institute of the State University of Campinas, a suitable
homage to a man who was one of the pioneers of Physics in Brazil.
All those who had the opportunity to know him bear unanimous witness to
his acute intelligence, his courage to "dare", his immense sympathy and sense of
humor. Throughout more than sixty years of professional life, these qualities
yielded a diverse and prolific scientific production, represented not merely by his
more than 150 papers, but mainly by his deep capacity for educating new scientists
-- leaving as his main heritage a great number of former students continuing his
work. This is the mark of the complete scientist.